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Higher Education Administration, Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

Admission to a doctoral degree at KU

The University of Kansas is a great place to pursue a graduate degree, since graduate education is central to KU’s mission of learning, scholarship and creative activity. We invite you to explore our graduate degree information, review our student resources and learn more about our knowledgeable faculty.

Please note, KU does not accept paper applications for admission. The online application is designed to give you the ability to submit all supporting documents in one form. 

Not sure of how to proceed? We’ve created a Graduate Application Checklist, just for you!

Application Deadline for Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Higher Education Administration

Apply before March 1 to begin in the summer or fall semester.

Admission Requirements:

KU's doctorate in higher education administration is designed for individuals with well-developed academic skills and a strong potential for future administration. Preferred applicants must have the following: 

  • A bachelor’s and a master’s degree with a grade-point average (GPA) of at least a B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) from a regionally accredited institution or a foreign university with substantially equivalent degree requirements; 
  • Demonstrated ability to succeed academically as indicated on transcripts and through references;
  • Hold a current professional position in higher education or related organization (e.g., foundation, policy think tank, or state education organization);
  • Three years of professional experience at a higher education institution (preferred);
  • Statement of purpose that matches what the program offers.

Download the application checklist to get started today!

Learn More — Request Info

Kim Huggett
Graduate Student Services Manager

Practicing Educator Cost Savings

New Practicing Educator Sponsorship Program offered to Pre K-12 private or public school district educators interested in graduate studies.