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  • KUEC Opens Veterans and Student Leadership Lounge
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KUEC Opens Veterans and Student Leadership Lounge

September 18th, 2018 -- Hannah Michelle...
The new Veterans and Student Leadership Lounge officially opened its doors as a designated space for veterans and student leaders to meet, work and study.
Story by Jenny Hellwig

Monday, Sept. 17, marked the official opening of the KU Edwards Campus Veterans and Student Leadership Lounge. While this project has been on Student Services Coordinator Lisa Browning’s priority list for years, the physical space, resources, and funding came together this past year to make it possible. This is a dedicated area, providing technology for meetings and presentations, study space, computer and refreshments especially for KUEC’s veteran and military-affiliated students and student leadership.

With an average student veteran enrollment between 80-90 people each semester, KUEC’s population will particularly benefit from the new lounge. “As we open this space, we hope to give our students a place connect, work together and a safe space to relax while they are on campus,” commented Lisa Browning. “I have the opportunity to work with veterans and student leaders and am excited about the opportunities this space will bring to them.” It is with her vision that this space will help foster a greater community within the student veteran population while also serving the needs of student leaders from recognized campus groups.

“Having a more private space that we can use for group projects, presentation preparation, and study will help many students,” said Jimmy Gentile, a veteran student in the Master of Science in Information Technology program. “The technology that is in this space will allow me to stay on campus for course and group work, that I have previously had to find at another location, and it will give me a space to transition from work to class.”

The University of Kansas, ranked top-five by the Military Times Best: Colleges 2018, remains committed to serving the unique needs of our military affiliated students. The lounge would not be possible without the support from KU Undergraduate Studies, the Lt. Gen. William K Jones Military-Affiliated Student Center and our newest partner, Sam’s Club. “We are very thankful for the opportunity to partner with these groups,” added Browning. “They have been incredibly generous to this space and our students.”

The Veterans and Student Leadership Lounge is now open for student use and will see more improvements throughout the year. Student groups wishing to reserve the space can contact Lisa Browning at lbrownin@ku.edu

Top photo: Jimmy Gentile, veteran student in the Master of Science in Information Technology program, Vice Chancellor of the KU Edwards Campus, and Bret Falkner of Sam’s Club cut the ribbon on the new Veterans and Student Leadership Lounge in KUEC’s Regents Center. 

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