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Do you provide catering?

We offer beverage service, which includes Roasterie coffee, hot tea and water. If you are catering a meal, we are happy to provide you with a list of caterers who previously catered events on our campus or you can choose a caterer of your choice. If you plan to provide alcohol at your event, you will need to use one of the caterers on our list that have the approved license for catering events with a bar service.


May I serve alcohol at my event?

Yes, you are welcome to serve alcohol. We will give you a list of approved caterers for alcohol service. All events serving alcohol must receive approval from our vice chancellor at KU Edwards and KU Provost’s office in Lawrence. We will give you a form to complete and then submit it for approval.


May I rent a slide advancer (“clicker”) from you?

You will need to supply your own clicker, laptop adaptors and laser pointers. We don’t have those items available for rental.


Do you offer linen rental?

We do not offer linen service. You can rent linens through your caterer or rent them directly from your vendor of choice.


Do you offer rental discounts?

We do! We offer non-profit organizations, school districts and first-time users discounted rates. We also offer discounts for KU departments and groups sponsored by a KU department as well as multi-day discounts. Talk with our events team to learn more about our already low rental rates and to see if you qualify for a discounted rate.


When will the invoice be sent and how can I pay?

New customers are asked to pay the day of the event. If you are a returning customer, we will invoice you the week after your event. Payment is expected once the invoice is received and can be paid by check or credit card.


Where can my guests park?

We have lots of parking! It is easily accessible and free of charge. We will provide you with the address of the building where your event is being hosted. Your attendees can park in the suggested parking lot by the building.


What is the conference center capacity?

The BEST Conference Center is 4,000 square feet. We can seat 400 people theatre style, 240 people banquet style and 200 people classroom style. Regnier Hall Auditorium, which seats 230 people, can be used as a partner space to host a presentation followed by a banquet in the conference center. We can easily host your next conference with the conference center, auditorium and the many additional classrooms we have on campus.


What is the standard technology available in each room?

Our auditorium, conference center and classrooms all have a computer, screens, projectors, internet access and WiFi access. We offer spaces with microphones, lecture capture, live streaming and video conferencing capabilities.


Are there computer labs available?

Yes, we are one of the few locations in Overland Park who offer computer lab rental. Our labs seat anywhere from 20 to 60 people. We can also download your software of choice. We will need you to provide us with the software, licensing confirmation and an IT tech contact number.


Will you have someone available if I need help?

Yes, one of the many benefits to working with the KU Edwards Campus is our event staff. Our event coordinators can help you schedule your event. On the day of your event, our events specialist, IT staff and facilities team will have the venue set up and will make sure your event runs smoothly.


What are your safety procedures?

We value a safe campus. View our emergency procedures and inclement weather procedures.


How much does it cost to rent a microphone?

Microphones do not cost extra. The cost of the room includes the technology in the room as well as the any set up for the event. Additional costs will include staff overtime, software downloads, use of web-cams, live streaming/recording or video conferencing.


Do you host wedding receptions or bar mitzvahs?

All events hosted at the KU Edwards campus must be educational in nature. We host conferences, trainings, banquets, professional development opportunities, staff retreats, Graduation events, etc.


Contact our Events Team:

Edwards Campus Events