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Recognized as an education-friendly institution for federal employees, the University of Kansas is an ideal partner for your academic pursuits. Serving as KU’s doorway into Greater Kansas City, the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park tailors its undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs to working professionals like you.

With in-demand degrees and our cost-saving partnership with the federal government, we have federal employees covered. This partnership provides federal employees with scholarships to discount tuition—10 percent off in-state* and all-inclusive tuition rates or 25 percent off out-of-state—for the programs listed below. Put the strength of KU’s international reputation behind your degree and see where your career takes you. Your bright future is worth it.


The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is offered by the School of Engineering in a face-to-face format and combines technical expertise with problem-solving and communication skills to plan, configure, implement, integrate and maintain computing and information technology solutions for an organization’s computing infrastructure. KU’s School of Engineering holds accreditation from ABET for all of its programs.

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of General Studies in Public Administration provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary for planning, implementing and evaluating public and non-profit services, thinking critically about public policy and applying learnings in real-world settings. For government employees, coursework in public administration provides a deeper understanding of the context in which they work every day. Students gain knowledge and skills that help them effectively translate their commitment to public service into the workplace.

The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program (RN-to-BSN), offered through the KU School of Nursing, provides registered nurses a flexible format to complete their bachelor's degrees and expand their career options. It's all online and accessible 24 hours a day. The program can be completed in as little as one calendar year of full-time study or up to five years of part-time study. And, you can enter the program at any semester, spring, summer or fall. In the KU School of Nursing's RN-to-BSN program, you can refresh your skills and learn new ones, with a curriculum that will broaden your abilities in many areas, including leadership and critical thinking.
The Accounting Certificate is a 12-credit-hour program available for non-degree-seeking professionals as well as undergraduate students. This certificate provides the framework for understanding the foundation of relevant financial, tax and managerial accounting. 


The Master of Science in Information Technology program is offered by the School of Engineering and provides the ultimate qualification for IT and computing professionals. This degree will deepen your understanding of IT and computing technologies to advance your career. The program will help you:

  • Develop technical knowledge and managerial skills in IT.
  • Support versatile thinking and confident leadership in IT.
  • Understand the big picture and make strategic IT decisions that address technical and business demands.

KU’s School of Engineering holds accreditation from ABET for all of its programs. This program has online and distance learning options.

The Master of Public Administration, offered through the KU School of Public Affairs and Administration, is for individuals who hold and seek leadership positions in public-sector organizations. Coursework develops your abilities to design and implement policies, projects and programs while attending to day-to-day administrative issues, enabling your organizations to provide vital services to communities and address pressing societal problems. Ranked No. 3 in Public Management Administration, 14 among public universities by U.S. News and World Report, KU’s public administration program is also accredited by NASPAA, the global standard in public service education.
In this program, you will learn how project management uses cross-functional teams to assist in the process of planning, organizing, securing, leading, delegating and controlling of resources to achieve specific goals. Upon completion, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to successfully bridge the fields of engineering, technology, people and business. This program has a Master of Science and a Master of Engineering track. Prospective students will work with the program coordinator to determine which track to pursue.

The Master of Science and Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics & Analytics provides hands-on statistical computing skills emphasizing proper application and problem solving. Upon graduation or completion, many opportunities await for highly-trained data analysts, scientists and statisticians in the health care, transportation, insurance and manufacturing industries. In response to workforce demand, there are three areas of emphasis:

  • Data Analytics – provides graduates experience working with and analyzing large datasets using several of the most common statistical software tools.
  • Statistics – emphasizes hands-on statistical computing in the context of statistical methods commonly applied in industry and government agencies.
  • Data Science – equips students with skills in statistical and computational methods for the acquisition and analysis of Big Data.

All coursework can be completed online.

The Professional Science Masters in Environment Assessment program is offered through KU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and targeted to those interested in a range of environmental issues. The environmental assessment program is highly interdisciplinary, drawing upon natural or physical science training, project management experience and communications skills. The course content and the overall curriculum is based upon best practices as defined by the National Professional Science Master’s Association.
The worlds of science and business are increasingly interconnected, creating strong demand for employees who can combine scientific technical knowledge with skills in leadership, business and communications. The Science & Technology Managers Certificate, offered by KU Edwards Campus, comprises six eight-week academic courses, two credit hours each. This certificate is designed for scientists who have moved or anticipate moving into managerial roles in addition to their scientific duties.
The Cybersecurity Certificate is a 12-credit-hour certificate designed to provide advanced knowledge of information security concepts, governance, and fundamental and emerging technologies in network security and computer systems security, as well as proficiency in security policies, procedures, risk management and audit.
The Software Engineering and Management Certificate teaches the best practices in software development, management and maintenance, emphasizing the disciplined and quantifiable approaches in requirements modeling and engineering, software architecture, software project managements and software quality assurance

Offered at KU's Leavenworth, Kansas location, this program teaches homeland security professionals to work in an increasingly complex environment requiring high-level critical and creative thinking. The interdisciplinary Homeland Security program is designed for military officers, as well as government and private sector employees of organizations responsible for security operations and disaster preparedness. Graduates learn about domestic and international law and policy, crisis mitigation and management, cyberterrorism, critical infrastructure attacks, natural disasters, epidemics, and chemical and biohazards. The coursework culminates in an intensive homeland security crisis simulation. Students in Leavenworth can complete the degree in 10 months, beginning in August and finishing the following May. Qualifying students receive the 10% discount off this program's all-inclusive tuition rate.

The Graduate Certificate in Professional Workplace Communication program teaches you how to craft messages, share information and build relationships in ways that create greater understanding--both internally and externally. Skills taught apply to communicating with internal peers, teams, managers, and leaders – as well as external stakeholders such as customers, vendors, partners, regulators, and media. These workplace communication competencies are at the core of effective decision-making, team-building, problem-solving, and crisis-resolution practices. You'll learn how and when to ask the bigger-picture questions that improve communication within your organization – and help advance your career.

*The KU Edwards Campus MetroKC tuition rate offers rates equivalent to in-state rates for Missouri residents who qualify. 

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