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  • KU Edwards Campus Honors Program

KU Edwards Campus Honors Program

Continue your honors learning at the KU Edwards Campus!

As an academically exceptional student, you want an academic program that will challenge you intellectually, set you up for professional success, and recognize the great work you’ve already accomplished. The KU Edwards Campus Honors Program is here to help you get the most out of your college experience, whether you’re transferring from a community college honors program, or just getting started on your honors journey.

What can the KU Edwards Campus Honors Program offer me?

As part of the KU’s University Honors Program, you’ll be joining one of the best-ranked honors programs in the nation, according to Public University Honors. KU honors students study abroad, undertake graduate-level research and find success in their professional field more often, and earlier, than their peers.

As a Community College Honors transfer student, you can easily transfer the honors credits you’ve already earned toward credit at the KU Edwards Campus, without the need for an approval process.

You’ll also get to experience:

  • Intellectually challenging courses
  • Hands-on enhanced learning experiences
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Personalized advising
  • The opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty
  • Access to competitive awards and scholarships

See how far University Honors at the KU Edwards Campus can take you. Apply now.


Program requirements

Six honors courses

At least six Honors courses totaling at least 18 credit hours.

  • May include Honors course contracts and graduate level courses (700+).
  • Courses taken can also count towards ELEs (Enhanced Learning Experiences).
  • If a student completed an Honors Program at a community college, the required number of KU Honors courses will be reduced to four. Students who have completed a significant number of Honors courses at the community college level are eligible to have one additional course waived pending course review/approval.
Two honors seminars
  • 395 (one credit hour)
  • 595 (2 credit hours)
Four Enhanced Learning Experiences
Public Service

This ELE enables students to gain self-awareness and a sense of social responsibility through service to others. Students may complete this ELE by:

  • Interning with the Osher Lifelong Learning Program or student services to assist veteran students
  • Serving as an ambassador for social welfare, School of Public Affairs & Administration, or applied behavior health departments
  • Interviewing eight minimum of professionals in related fields, to include process questions (i.e., How the professional got to their current position, challenges along the way, lessons learned and ways to alter their current path in hindsight)
  • Completing a validated service experience, such as with Johnson County Libraries, United Community Services, Olathe Latino Coalition, KC Scholars, KC Degrees or an approved Kansas City service organization
  • Taking on a service role in a campus unit, such as becoming a Student Advisory Committee Member or a Student Ambassador for the Edwards Campus
  • Completing the Service Learning Certificate
  • Completing a validated service experience such as Alternative Breaks.
Cultural Literacy & Social Justice

This ELE challenges students to become engaged, responsible members of society who understand their own privileges and respect the experiences of others. Students may complete this ELE by:

  • Participating in the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Diversity Lecture series (minimum of 5 lectures);
  • Attending the Metropolitan Community College Social Justice Conference, creating a presentation of what is learned from the experience, and presenting at the next KUEC Team Meeting or KUEC Diversity and Inclusion Cabinet meeting; or
  • Working with KUEC Diversity and Inclusion Cabinet Coordinator to lead an education component at each meeting or co-lead a sub-team.
Aesthetic Engagement

This ELE engages students in the active participation in or critical appreciation of the arts. Students may complete this ELE by:

  • Planning and executing the display of the Latino Coalition’s art exhibit at KUEC; or
  • Completing the Critical Thinking and Writing Certificate.
  • Completing the Creative & Analytical Writing Certificate;
  • Completing the Arts Engagement Certificate;
  • Participating in the performing arts (Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, City Stage, Starlight Theater);
  • Participating in a musical ensemble;
  • Being selected to exhibit your creative work;
  • Publishing your creative work;
  • Participating in a public reading of your creative work; or
  • Serving as an editor for a creative publication.
Professional Development & Social Entrepreneurship

This ELE encourages students to prepare for their professional careers through internships, entrepreneurships, or coursework in business. Students may complete this ELE by:

  • Becoming a campus representative for Chamber events during the academic year;
  • Creating or serving as an officer of a student group;
  • Hosting/organizing a student event;
  • Serving on the workforce development board for at least one year; or
  • Becoming a student ambassador (or campus representative equivalent).
  • Completing the Certificate of Entrepreneurship;
  • Adding a second major/minor in business;
  • Completing the Certificate in Professional Selling;
  • Completing the Certificate in Music Enterprise;
  • Completing an internship; or
  • Creating a start-up.

This ELE challenges students to assume leadership responsibilities, effecting change in their communities and beyond. Students may complete this ELE by:

  • Creating programming for the Workforce Development and Military Transitions Advisory Boards;
  • Participating in the KUEC student ambassadors program;
  • Completing the certificate in Leadership offered by Professional and Continuing Education; or,
  • Interning with the KUEC Community Engagement and Business Development department assisting in events and functions tied to leadership and advancement of education.
  • Completing the Leadership Engagement Certificate;
  • Completing the Leadership Studies Minor (LSM);
  • Serving in a leadership position in a campus unit or program (such as Honors);
  • Taking on a teaching experience;
  • Completing a leadership program (LeaderShape Institute, etc.); or
  • Serving in a leadership position in the arts (curate an exhibit, etc.).
Research Skills & In-Depth Learning

This ELE helps students learn how to locate and evaluate information, solve problems, think creatively, and communicate their findings. Students may complete this ELE by:

  • Completing the Research Experience Program certificate;
  • Completing departmental Honors;
  • Earning an Undergraduate Research Award;
  • Publishing in a peer-reviewed publication;
  • Presenting at a professional or academic conference;
  • Participating in a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU);
  • Enrolling in a research-intensive graduate course;
  • Completing a research internship; or,
  • Participating in Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium (-we may consider creating an Edwards version of this (i.e., Edwards Campus Honors Student Symposium).
Interdisciplinarity & Breadth of Learning

This ELE enables students to learn across disciplinary boundaries, thereby fostering innovation and flexibility. Students may complete this ELE by:

  • Develop and complete a cross-disciplinary scholarly project with faculty advisor.; or
  • Completing a faculty-approved interdisciplinary course and present a reflection of experience at Symposium.
  • Completing two majors or a major and a minor that cross disciplinary boundaries;
  • Completing the Sustainability Certificate;
  • Enrolling in a significant course sequence; or
  • Being selected as a Hall Center Scholar.
Student-Initiated Experience

Some valuable learning experiences may not fit neatly into the categories listed above. Students are welcome to propose alternative experiences for review/approval by University Honors Program staff.


Awards and Scholarships

The KU University Honors Program offers many opportunities for awards and scholarships to help you pay for your education. Visit the Honors Scholarships web page for more information, and speak to an honors advisor to learn more about requirements.


All transfer and current KU student applications go through a comprehensive review process that considers each applicant's academic credentials and involvement.

Successful applicants exhibit the qualities we expect out of a University Honors student by earning strong grades, challenging themselves through new experiences, and being actively involved with their current campus community. Most successful transfer and current KU student applicants . . .

  • have strong college GPAs,
  • are involved in their communities and demonstrate leadership potential,
  • and are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities University Honors can offer.

Applications cannot be reviewed until at least one semester of college grades has been received, and transfer students must have already submitted applications to KU. Additionally, students who have less than four semesters remaining prior to graduating are generally not admitted to the University Honors Program, unless they can demonstrate that they have a plan for completing our curricular requirements within their remaining time at KU.

For questions about admissions requirements and applying, contact your honors advisor. To apply, send your application to Amy Sellers, transfer services & early college program coordinator. Apply by Oct. 30 for spring semester enrollment, or by March 30 for the fall. An application includes:

  • non official transcripts
  • resume
  • 2 page personal statement


Amy Sellers
Transfer Services & Early College Program Coordinator
KU Edwards Campus