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Here you will find information relating to enrollment at the University of Kansas. This includes particular activities such as schedule changes and withdraw as well as enrollment guides for current, new, readmitted, and visiting students. In addition, we provide enrollment certification and a number of reference documents that can be found under enrollment resources.

How to Enroll

Step 1: Apply for admission

Complete the appropriate application and submit it with the appropriate fee. You can find the application information and fees by visiting KU Admissions. Once you are admitted, you will be notified of your KU student ID number.

If you are a graduate student and have missed a semester, either spring or fall, you will have to be readmitted in order to enroll. Before completing the re-admit application, students should contact their graduate program directly.

If your program has indicated that you should fill out the re-admit application, visit Readmit Admission.

Step 2: Establish an online ID

You will need to establish your KU online ID, which is different than your KU student ID. The online ID will allow you to enroll, pay fees, access grades, review your schedule and access a number of other services.

Step 3: Class timetable

Before you enroll, it is helpful to note the course ID number of the class you want to take, which can be found in the class schedule.

Step 4: Enroll

Go to "Enroll & Pay"
Log in with your KU online ID and password
Click on "Student Center"
Select "Enroll" to begin enrolling in your selected courses.

Step 5: Get KU ID Card

Once you are enrolled, visit Student Services, Regents Center 210, to obtain your KU ID card. This card will allow you to check out library materials and use other KU services.

Step 6: Pay your bill

Your tuition bill due date will vary depending on when you enroll. Please pay attention to your due date to avoid additional fees.

You can check your bill online. Log into "Enroll & Pay/Student Center/Finances." A bill will also be emailed to your registered KU account.

Remember: You can view your fee assessment and pay your tuition and fees from the Enroll & Pay website.

Students are ultimately responsible for their own enrollment, knowledge of university and school policies and completion of degree requirements.

Other KU Enrollment

Senior Citizens

Kansas citizens who are 60 years or older can attend the University of Kansas and have their tuition and fees waived. Senior Citizen students must submit proof of age upon their submission of the Visitor/Senior Citizen fee waiver.


Lisa Browning
Enrollment Services


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