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Frequently Asked Questions


What does the scholarship cover?
The scholarship is equal to the amount of 10% of the BASE TUITION for the in-state resident, all-inclusive rate programs, or eligible MetroRate students. For non-resident or special program online students it will be 25% of the BASE TUITION. Fees are not covered by this scholarship.
Who is eligible for this program?
Students in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs and certificate programs that are part of the Partnership Agreement are eligible. See Partnership website for most current list eligible programs. As long as the student has been admitted to a KU Edwards program that is part of the Federal Government Partnership program they are eligible. This is determined by the student having the appropriate plan or sub-plan code.
What is the Scholarship Deadline?
While scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, all applications for each semester must be received by the following priority deadlines: There is no “back-awarding” for a semester already in progress or past.
Fall Semester – Aug 1
Spring Semester – Dec 1
Summer Semester – May 1
Can non-degree seeking for-credit students get this award?
This scholarship is reserved for degree or certificate seeking students admitted to specific KU Edwards programs. We encourage students who are non-degree seeking to visit with Financial Aid to explore other options for funding support.
How is it determined who receives funding? Is it really just first come first serve?
Yes, because funding for this program may vary based on available resources, students who apply to KU and are admitted to their chosen program will be considered for the award on a first-come first-served basis. We encourage all interested students to apply and complete their admission steps early and prior to the listed priority deadlines to increase likelihood of access this scholarship opportunity!
What other eligibility requirements are there?
Aside from those listed on the scholarship application, students must meet the criteria for program admission. To be eligible for renewable awards, students must maintain all program-specific eligibility criteria.
Can students who move out of state (beyond Missouri) remain on this scholarship?
Yes. As long as the student still meets all three of the criteria for the scholarship and program eligibility requirements. This means their scholarship amount would increase but these will be special circumstances where both the student’s work role and academic program would be fully online.
Will awards be applied to KU Lawrence or KU Medical Center Classes?
No. Only courses that are KU Edwards sections will be eligible for this scholarship. If students are in one KU Edwards class and one KU Lawrence/KU Medical Center class, they will receive the appropriate discount applied only to the KUEC class. Note: the Applied Statistics online degree is eligible.
Is the scholarship automatically renewed?
Yes. Scholarships will be awarded to all student currently receiving the benefit each term as long as they meet the scholarship criteria. Students seeking renewal are asked to submit updated employer authorization letters each semester by the priority deadlines.
Can I apply to the scholarship online?
No. The application process is a pdf form available online but that must be completed and submitted by mail, fax, email or in person to the Student Services Office at KU Edwards.
Do I need to be enrolled in a minimum number of credit hours? Is there a maximum award?
No. As long as the student is enrolled in at least one credit hour at KUEC, and meet the scholarship criteria they are eligible. There are no maximum limits for this award per term for a student or overall for a student through completion.
Are there any contingencies tied to performance in the classroom?
Students remain eligible as long as they meet the eligibility requirements to maintain program admission status.
When and how will I be notified if I receive funding or not?
Scholarship award emails and letters will be issued by the KU Edwards Financial Aid and Scholarships Assistant Director prior to the start of the semester of the award.
What happens if eligibility changes mid-semester after funding has been awarded?
Once an award has been issued for a semester, it will remain as long as the student remains enrolled. The student would no longer be eligible for future semester.
Where does the funding come from?
Funding for this scholarship is generated by the tuition of programs. There are no federal aid dollars or endowment gifts involved with this program.
Who should I meet with to discuss program requirements and admission criteria?

Michelle Reames
Assistant Director, Academic and Faculty Support Center
BEST 277

Scholarship Deadlines

Fall Semester – August 1
Spring Semester – December 1
Summer Semester – May 1