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  • Certificate - Masters - Accounting

Undergraduate Accounting Certificate

This four-course certificate provides the framework for graduate and undergraduate students to understand the foundations of accounting. This knowledge is directly applicable to those currently in accounting roles or those seeking opportunities within the accounting field. Students must complete all four courses with a grade of “C” or better to successfully earn the certificate. Students wishing to enter the MAcc program must complete these prerequisite courses with a grade of "B" or better and take BBA 640: Principles of Audit.

Admission Requirements
The program will evaluate these students for admission as follows:

  • Students must have an undergraduate degree
  • 2.5 overall & professional GPA
  • Successful completion of an introductory Financial Accounting course
  • Successful completion of an introductory Managerial Accounting course
  • Prospective students may be required to complete the non-degree seeking student application
  • Bachelor of Business Administration students may pursue the certificate

For more information regarding this certificate:
1. Please fill out and submit your contact information in the form on this page. Be sure to select “Accounting Certificate (undergraduate)” as your academic interest.
2. Contact Nathaniel Coney, III at nconey3@ku.edu to set up an intake advising appointment to determine your Accounting Certificate pathway.

Courses can be taken at the Edwards Campus in a two-semester sequence. Each course is offered once per academic year, and courses are sequential.

Certificate Coursework

  • BBA 610: Intermediate (Financial) Accounting I – Fall semester
  • BBA 620: Intermediate (Financial) Accounting II – Spring semester
  • BBA 630: Foundations of Taxation – Fall semester

One of the following

  • BBA 407: Business Processes, Fraud, & Controls – Summer semester
  • BBA 408: Cost Management – Summer semester
  • BBA 640: Principles of Audit – Spring semester

Prerequisite Coursework

  • Introductory or Fundamentals of Financial Accounting*
  • Introductory or Fundamentals of Managerial (Cost) Accounting*

    *These two courses must be taken prior to starting Edwards Campus coursework. These courses are not offered at the Edwards Campus.

Please note the completion of this certificate is not eligible for federal aid. The certificate is working toward obtaining Title IV eligibility for financial aid. Learn more.

Learn More — Request Info
Tuition - Accounting Cert
Resident or MetroKC Nonresident
$579.25 $1,119.60

Learn more about scholarships and aid.


Nathaniel Coney, III
Academic Success Coach
MBA, Accounting, MS-BOL

Different state? Same rate.