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Law and Society - Bachelors

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Law & Society

Opportunities to Serve
The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) estimates Kansas City needs 1,200 additional law enforcement and related professionals by 2024. That’s on top of the thousands of current positions within the metro. Whether you are looking to start or advance a career in criminal justice, law, corrections or related fields, the law & society program positions you for success. Get the knowledge you need to serve from KU in Kansas City.

The law & society program at the University of Kansas Edwards Campus explores social movements, government practice and reform. This interdisciplinary field examines how law works in practice in public administration, courts, the non-profit sector, policy, policing and the justice system.

KU Edwards Campus is the only institution in the Kansas City area that offers this in-demand degree.

The Degree
While the law has a strong historical foundation, it is constantly changing. The law & society program focuses on the historical and current impact of the law. Students gain an understanding of the facets of the legal system, how they interact and how time and society amend the processes.

Offered through KU’s nationally recognized School of Public Affairs and Administration, the law & society program examines legal policy, legal institutions, social movements, psychological attitudes and perceptions, managerial processes and social structures.

Your degree at your pace
Flexible course schedules make it feasible for full-time employees and non-traditional students to earn a bachelor’s degree in law & society without sacrificing the traditional classroom experience. Late afternoon and evening courses meet once weekly, allowing you to balance work and family commitments while developing a versatile knowledge base.

Students completing the law & society degree obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of General Studies diploma demonstrating their advanced knowledge.

The Results
A law & society degree prepares graduates for careers in law enforcement, as well as occupations in the legal field with human-rights and social-justice organizations, non-profit organizations, governments, courts, policy think tanks and political institutions.

Students pursuing the undergraduate major in law & society will develop strong critical thinking, written and oral communication skills. This degree also serves as a solid foundation for graduate work in law, public administration and social work.

Students with this degree may pursue work in a variety of settings including criminal justice organizations, non-profits, policy think tanks and political institutions. This versatile degree provide students with the knowledge to pursue careers in corrections, criminology, defense and security. This degree can also serve as a pre law degree.

There’s significant demand for this type of degree among the region’s police departments.

Pursue Your Anything
Cost per credit hour
Resident or MetroKC Nonresident
$443.80 $969.40

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Dan Mueller
Transfer Program Coordinator/Advisor