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  • KLETC Announces 255th Law Enforcement Training Graduating Class
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KLETC Announces 255th Law Enforcement Training Graduating Class

May 17th, 2019 -- Hannah Michelle...
Fifty-nine new law enforcement officers graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) on May 10. U.S. Senator Jerry Moran delivered the commencement address to grads representing agencies from across Kansas.
By Lisa Webster, Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center

Fifty-nine new law enforcement officers graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) on May 10

YODER (May 17, 2019) – Fifty-nine new law enforcement officers graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) on May 10. U.S. Senator Jerry Moran was the speaker for the ceremony in KLETC’s Integrity Auditorium.

Senator Jerry Moran delivers the commencement address during the 255th basic training class graduation on May 10 at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.

The new officers were members of the 255th basic training class at the center. Located one mile west and one mile south of Yoder, near Hutchinson, the center is a division of University of Kansas Professional & Continuing Education.

The graduates, who began their training on Feb. 4, 2019, represented 43 municipal, county and state law enforcement agencies from across Kansas.

Graduates receive certificates of course completion from KLETC and Kansas law enforcement certification from the Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training, the state’s law enforcement licensing authority. The training course fulfills the state requirement for law enforcement training. Classroom lectures and hands-on applications help train officers to solve the increasingly complex problems they face in the line of duty.

Established by the Kansas Legislature in 1968, the center trains the majority of municipal, county and state law enforcement officers in Kansas and oversees the training of the remaining officers at seven authorized and certified academy programs operated by local law enforcement agencies and the Kansas Highway Patrol.

About 300 officers enroll annually in KLETC 14-week basic training programs. The center offers continuing education and specialized training to over 10,000 Kansas officers each year.

Graduates who granted permission to release their names are listed below by county and agency.

Atchison County

  • Atchison Police Department in Atchison, KS – Thomas Moore, patrol officer

Barber County

  • Medicine Lodge Police Department in Medicine Lodge, KS – Jerry Swart, patrol officer

Brown County

  • Iowa Tribal Police Department in White Cloud, KS – Nicholas Hilderbrand, patrol officer

Butler County

  • Rose Hill Police Department in Rose Hill, KS – Stephen Frahm, patrol officer
  • Butler County Sheriff's Office in El Dorado, KS – Solomon Snowbarger, deputy

Cherokee County

  • Galena Police Department in Galena, KS – Kyle West, patrol officer

Cowley County

  • Winfield Police Department in Winfield, KS – Stephen Linarez, patrol officer

Crawford County

  • Pittsburg Police Department in Pittsburg, KS – Nicholas Cook and Aaron   Jarvis, patrol officers

Douglas County

  • University of Kansas Police Department in Lawrence, KS – Eli Hodge, patrol officer

Ellis County

  • Fort Hays State University Police Department in Hays, KS – Eric Gerard, patrol officer

Finney County

  • Garden City Police Department in Garden City, KS – Ofelia Aguero and Julian Garcia, patrol officers

Ford County

  • Ford County Sheriff's Department in Dodge City, KS – Morris Jones, deputy
  • Dodge City Police Department in Dodge City, KS – Dominic Randall, patrol officer

Franklin County

  • Ottawa Police Department in Ottawa, KS – Holly Ewert, patrol officer

Geary County

  • Junction City Police Department in Junction City, KS – Zachary Mitchell, patrol officer

Greeley County

  • Greeley County Sheriff's Office in Tribune, KS – Garrett Wright, patrol officer

Kingman County

  • Kingman Police Department in Kingman, KS – Casey Goble, patrol officer

Kiowa County

  • Kiowa County Sheriff's Department in Greensburg, KS – Preston Capansky, deputy

Leavenworth County

  • Leavenworth Police Department in Leavenworth, KS – Jordan Green, Paul Lednicky and Joshua Parrott, patrol officers
  • Tonganoxie Police Department in Tonganoxie, KS – Eric Janesko, patrol officer

Marion County

  • Marion County Sheriff's Department in Marion, KS – Mason Hinz, deputy

Marshall County

  • Blue Rapids Police Department in Blue Rapids, KS – Christopher Flood, patrol officer
  • Marysville Police Department in Marysville, KS – Bryant Frerking, patrol officer

Miami County

  • Miami County Sheriff's Office in Paola, KS – Willis Miller, patrol officer
  • Miami County Sheriff's Office in Paola, KS – Dylan Yinger, deputy
  • Paola Police Department in Paola, KS – Mitchell Gabbert and Keith Myers, patrol officers

Mitchell County

  • Beloit Police Department in Beloit, KS - Andrew Mai, patrol officer

Montgomery County

  • Independence Police Department in Independence, KS – Richard Sherley, patrol officer

Norton County

  • Norton Police Department in Norton, KS – Kaleb Tuxhorn, patrol officer

Pottawatomie County

  • Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office in Westmoreland, KS – Cody Smith, patrol officer

Reno County

  • Hutchinson Police Department in Hutchinson, KS – Trevor Nobbs, patrol officer

Riley County

  • Riley County Police Department in Manhattan, KS – Kathryn Bunnell, Matthew Horne, Leland O'Brien, James Scotti and Raymond Springer, patrol officers

Saline County

  • Salina Police Department in Salina, KS – Joshua Groot, Alyssa Rivera and Kyle Truitt, patrol officers
  • Saline County Sheriff's Office in Salina, KS – Kevin Shankle, deputy

Sedgwick County

  • Derby Police Department in Derby, KS – Gabriel Gutierrez, patrol officer

Shawnee County

  • Kansas Bureau of Investigation in Topeka, KS – Jamie Funk, special agent
  • Shawnee County Sheriff's Office in Topeka, KS – Luke Williams, deputy

Wyandotte County

  • University of Kansas Medical Center PD in Kansas City, KS – Adam Drybread and Hanif Gray, patrol officers
  • Wyandotte County Sheriff's Department in Kansas City, KS – Stephen Dyer and William Green, deputies

Learn more about the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.

Top photo: Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) Class President Thomas Moore of the Atchison Police department addresses his graduating class during the commencement ceremony on May 10 at KLETC.  

Friday, May 17, 2019 - 2:45pm