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Higher Education Administration, Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

Ed.D. curriculum in educational administration prepares leaders

The curriculum built into the Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration provides for an enhanced focus on application of content knowledge and research skills to administrative practice. View the Summer cohort Ed.D. Program Schedule (pdf). Students admitted for Fall 2017 can access their cohort schedule here (pdf).

Potential Plan of Study

Sample year one (of three) course plan:

Summer Semester

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

ELPS 948: Research in Education Policy & Leadership

ELPS 995: Field Experience I

ELPS 871: Introduction to Qualitative Research

ELPS 986: Governance & Administration of Higher Education

EPSY 870: Quantitative Methods for Research

ELPS 998: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Year Two

Summer Semester

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

ELPS 998: Data Driven Leadership

ELPS 998: History, Mission, Faculty & Curriculum

ELPS 985: Evaluation of Programs in Higher Education

ELPS 980: Postsecondary Finance

ELPS 995: Field Experience II

Year Three

Summer Semester

Spring Semester

Summer Semester

ELPS 998: Leadership for a Diverse Institution

Comprehensive Exam

ELPS 970: Dissertation Proposal

ELPS 999: Dissertation Hours

ELPS 999: Dissertation Hours

Dissertation Defense


Please note: This is only a sample plan of study. Please consult with your academic advisor before enrolling.

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Kim Huggett
Graduate Student Services Manager

Practicing Educator Cost Savings

New Practicing Educator Sponsorship Program offered to Pre K-12 private or public school district educators interested in graduate studies.