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  • KU Edwards Campus Event Space Request Form

KU Edwards Campus Event Space Request Form

We rent space for educational events. To make a reservation, please fill out requested information below. If you have questions please call 913-897-8563 or email kuecevents@ku.edu and request to speak with an events coordinator or our conference and events manager.

Organization Information
Billing Address
If yes, please email both your current W-9 and Kansas tax exemption certificate to kuecevents@ku.edu.
If yes, please email your current W-9 to kuecevents@ku.edu
Event Information
An estimate on how long you think the event cleanup will take. Please put in minutes (30, 60, 90, etc.)
Please note if you plan on advertising your event, the KU Events Team must approve all materials. Any KU photos, logos or branding cannot be used.
The number of seats you'd like for your room. (For example, if you have 40 attendees but would prefer a room that sat 60 for extra elbow room.)
Rooms Needed
Do you need a podium in either BEST Conference Center or Regnier Auditorium as part of your set up?
What room set up do you prefer?
How many seats needed? (Full Conference Center seats 400, divided seats 180)
Set for how many? (Full Conference Center seats 240, divided seats 100)
Set for how many? (Full Conference Center seats 170, divided seats 80)
Events Specialist Check-in
Our Event Specialist will welcome you to campus.
Name of person
Beverage and Linen Services
Includes cups, napkins and condiments.
Amount of regular coffee in gallons. (One gallon equals 16 cups.)
Amount of decaf coffee in gallons. (One gallon equals 16 cups.)
Number of pots needed (one pot equals 16 cups).
How many pots?
Bowls of ice needed. Served with a scoop. Refills cost $5.
Number of ice water towers needed. Water is $5 per tower. One tower serves 35 cups
We offer linen service for registration and beverage tables ($9 per linen) How many linens do you need?
Clients are welcome to use their favorite caterer. The Events Team has a list of caterers that have served on campus previously. Please reach out to kuecevents@ku.edu for more information.
Pepsi provides our students with scholarships. If yes, soda must be a Pepsi products.
Room Set Up Needs
5 ft. tables, no linens or skirting provided- you will need to bring your own
Technology Needs
An IT Technician will check in with you 15 min – 30 minutes prior to your event, depending on event size, to assist with set up of our technology.
All rooms have projector/screen/computer/laptop connection. For an additional charge you can reserve the following.
Anything else we need to know to help with your event? List any specific set up needs.