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  • Environmental Assessment - Masters
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Environmental Assessment - Masters

  • Test
  • Business - Bachelors
  • Bachelors of Biotechnology
  • Exercise Science - Bachelors
  • Information Technology - Bachelors
  • Law and Society - Bachelors
  • Literature, Language, and Writing - Bachelors
  • Molecular Biosciences - Bachelors
  • Psychology - Bachelors
  • Public Administration - Bachelors
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Applied Statistics & Analytics - Masters
  • Applied Statistics & Analytics - Online program
  • Architecture Management - Masters
  • Civil Engineering- Masters
  • Design Management - Masters
  • Interaction Design - Masters
  • Working Professional Master of Accounting Program
  • Business - Masters
  • Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction
  • Educational Administration - Masters
  • Educational Technology - Masters
  • Elementary Education - Masters
  • Secondary Education - Masters
  • Special Education - Masters - Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Special Education - Masters - High-Incidence Disabilities
  • Early Childhood Unified
  • Information Technology - Masters
  • Engineering Management - Masters
  • Project Management - Masters
  • Integrated Marketing Communications - Masters
  • Communication Studies - Masters
  • Environmental Assessment - Masters
  • Global and International Studies - Masters
  • Public Administration - Masters
  • Science Manager
  • Social Work - Masters
  • Facility Management
  • Working Professional MBA Program
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Masters in Applied Behavioral Science

Professional Science Masters in Environmental Assessment Student Handbook:

PSM Directory:

Please visit our following directories:

Academic Advisor Directory
Courtesy Faculty Directory
ESP Staff Directory
Faculty Directory
Graduate Teaching Assistant Directory

Key Offices at KU:

College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA)

COGA oversees graduate affairs and administers university policy for programs within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. The COGA Website contains comprehensive information on requirements and processes pertaining to graduate education at KU. Most common questions can be answered with the information provided there, including questions regarding enrollment changes and forms, University policies regarding exams and committee requirements, and University graduation requirements.

COGA reviews all student petitions of University and College policy, issuing decisions on behalf of the College or referring as required to a faculty committee and/or the Office of Graduate Studies. The more common student petitions relate to Enrollment, Leave of Absence, and Time Limit Extensions.

COGA is a resource if you have any questions about petitions or graduation requirements that your department is unable to answer. Refer to the COGA Website for current staff contact information.

Office of Graduate Studies
Graduate Studies is the office of the Dean of Graduate Studies at KU. The Executive Council of Graduate Studies sets policies and regulations governing graduate study, and offers various programs for graduate students throughout the year.  While COGA should be your first stop for any questions your department cannot answer, you may be referred to Graduate Studies for certain matters, especially for questions about GTA/GRA/GA appointments and policies.
Graduate Admissions (Within the Office of Graduate Studies)
Contact Graduate Admissions for questions regarding the KU Online Application for Graduate Study, ADMIT System/Prospect, English Proficiency Requirements, and Official Transcripts.
Office of the Registrar (OUR)
Contact OUR for questions related to enrollment (if the question cannot be resolved via the enrollment changes link provided under COGA), tuition and campus fees, the academic calendar, and fee petitions.
Financial Aid
Contact the Financial Aid Office for questions related to the disbursement of scholarships, fellowship awards, loans, and FAFSA.
International Student Services (ISS)
Contact ISS for questions related to international students, including enrollment requirements, international student insurance, obtaining a social security card, I-20 questions, and any issues related to student visas. While other offices on campus such as the Applied English Center, Human Resources, or the Registrar may also handle related matters, because the students’ legal status in the country may be affected, it is recommended that students contact ISS first.

General Department Policies and Procedures:

  • University Policies and Degree Requirements for Admission

For the University of Kansas official policy on Admissions please visit: http://policy.ku.edu/graduate-studies/admission-to-graduate-study

  • To apply to the PSM please follow the application deadlines below:

Spring Semester

December 15

Summer Term

May 15

Fall Semester

August 1

  • To apply for the Accelerated 4+1 PSM, all applications must be in by May 15th.
  • Applications for the Graduate Certificate will be review on a rolling basis.


To apply: http://graduate.ku.edu/ku-graduate-application

Application Materials & Procedures

All applicants must complete our online application, which can be found: http://graduate.ku.edu/ku-graduate-application              

Please visit http://edwardscampus.ku.edu/admissions-masters-environmental-assessment to see the requirements for Admissions.

Although the online application asks you to self-report your GRE scores, an official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score report must be directly sent from GRE to KU. KU’s GRE/TOEFL Code: 6871

Although there is an option for uploading unofficial transcripts to the online application, official transcripts should also be sent from those previous institutions directly to KU via mail or email.

Official Transcripts may be submitted to the following:

Edwards Campus

12600 Quivira Road

Overland Park, KS 66213


Lawrence Campus

Office of Graduate Studies

213 Strong Hall

1450 Jayhawk Blvd

Lawrence, KS 66045

Or by email:


For questions regarding transcripts, please visit: http://graduate.ku.edu/transcripts

For questions regarding references, please visit: http://graduate.ku.edu/references

Non-Native English Speakers

The Office of Graduate Studies requires applicants, international or domestic, whose native language is not English to demonstrate English proficiency. Visit the links below for more information regarding the University’s requirements for providing English Proficiency.

English Proficiency Requirements can be found here:      


Official Graduate Studies policy on English Proficiency Requirements:

Provisional Admissions

On rare occasions the department may recommend an applicant who does not meet the University’s minimum requirements for provisional admission. This may occur, for example, if a student’s overall undergraduate GPA is deficient but the major GPA, GRE scores, and admissions essay suggest strong potential for success in graduate study. All recommendations for provisional admission are contingent on approval by the College and University.

To continue in the program, students admitted provisionally must meet additional requirements placed on them upon admission by the Director of Graduate Study (i.e. must earn at least a 3.0GPA in the first semester of graduate coursework at KU).

Learn more about Provisional Admission.

Permit to Re-Enroll

The Permit to Re-enroll form is only intended for individuals who have enrolled in their graduate program in the past year. The permit to re-enroll form is not available to a student who:

  • was dismissed from a program at KU;
  • was voluntarily discontinued (formally withdrew) from a graduate program;
  • completed the graduate degree program; or
  • most recently enrolled as a non-degree-seeking graduate student.

Before completing the Permit to Re-enroll form, students should verify with their graduate program that they are eligible to complete this form.

To complete the permit to re-enroll application, visit KU Graduate Permit to Re-Enroll.

Dismissed students and those who withdrew from the program must submit a full application.

Students will not be considered for readmission if they are currently on a leave of absence, if they have not been enrolled in the past year or have earned a degree from the graduate degree program.c
General Guidelines
  • Grading:
  • Academic Integrity & Misconduct:
  • Grievance Policy:
  • Good Standing:
    • To be considered in “good standing” in any graduate program, the University requires graduate students to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 (or “B” average) and be making timely progress towards meeting their degree requirements. For additional information on good standing, as well as probation and dismissal procedures for those students that do not meet the requirements for good standing, please visit the official Graduate Studies policy on Good Academic Standing.
  • Advising & Mentoring:
    • For advising questions, please contact your advisor.
  • Petitions:

Students may face situations that require them to seek out exceptions to University policy.  The most common of these relate to EnrollmentLeave of Absence, and Time Limit Extensions.  A student who wishes to request an exception to University policy must begin by contacting his or her advisor or graduate director.

Learn more about specific petitions.

In cases where the policy or requirement is a departmental requirement (for example, a course requirement for a degree) the graduate faculty will issue a final decision.

Information for Graduate Assistants

The Professional Science Master’s in Environmental Assessment does not currently offer and GTA or GRA positions. If you are interested in exploring opportunities in other departments, please visit Work at KU.

View available Environmental Studies positions.

Degree Requirements
  • At the beginning of the semester that you plan to graduate, please apply for graduation. View step by step instructions.
  • Once you have completed all MA requirements and given your capstone presentation, please connect with your advisor to review the Master’s degree checklist

    Michelle Reames
    Edwards Campus
University Policies & Degree Requirements

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